The management of CATOBI NIGERIA ENTERPRISES LIMITED recognizes and accepts her responsibility to provide a healthy and safe working environment fOr all her employees, contractors, visitors and immediate community who use her premises, in order to prevent injury and in accordance with legal requirements and associated regulations.

The management of CATOBI NIGERIA ENTERPRISES LIMITED hereby commit to the continual improvement of her OH&S management system in compliance with all legal requirements and other statutory regulations, maintaining a safe and healthy working environment through hazard identification and management, to achieve no injuries. Catobi’s main aim is to encourage a positive Health and Safety culture. To achieve this, occupational health and safety shall be promoted throughout our operations of Valve procurement, Integrity testing, Maintenance, Installations and Trainings, through provisions of informative and safe practical training, instruction and supervision.

This policy shall be duly communicated to all employees and third parties.



CATOBI NIGERIA ENTERPRISES LIMITED is committed to continual improvement of its QHSE management system to ensure customer satisfaction while providing a safe and healthy working condition for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health for its workers and stakeholders.
CATOBI is also committed to protecting the environment in which it operates by preventing pollution, using sustainable resources, prevention and control of emissions, the efficient use of natural resources, reduction and recycling of waste and protection of ecosystems.
In its performance of operations related to the;
• Procurement of Valves,
• Maintenance of valves,
• Assembling of valves
• Integrity testing of valves and
• Provision of training services,
Catobi is devoted to the consultation and participation of workers on reduction of OH&S risks, elimination of workplace hazards, quality enhancement and community goodwill while satisfying all applicable Legal, operational, environmental, technological and other regulations.

Dr. Okey Ukaegbu

Quality Policy

The Senior Management Team has developed our Quality Policy, which is to:

CATOBI NIGERIA ENTERPRISES LIMITED provides Procurement of Valves, Maintenance, Integrity Testing of Valves and Provision of Training Services. The Company has developed its expertise since its establishment and its aim is to achieve a high standard of service to its customers.

It is the policy of CATOBI NIGERIA ENTERPRISES LIMITED to provide the customer with goods and services to the agreed requirement in accordance with the details and price.

The Directors, Management and Staff are responsible for Quality Control through the Quality Management System seeking improvement by constant review, with suppliers and sub­ contractors being encouraged to co-operate. CATOBI NIGERIA ENTERPRISES LIMITED is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by the use of quality procedures which will be operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9001.

This Quality Policy governs our day-to-day operations to ensure quality and is communicated and implemented throughout our organisation. Our Quality Policy is made available as a stand-alone document and widely distributed, including during induction.

Our Quality Policy is typically reviewed annually, as part of the quality management review programme, or as required to recognize the changing needs and expectations of relevant interested parties or the risks and opportunities identified by the risk management process.

Whistleblowing Policy

In this policy ‘Whistleblowing’ means the reporting by employees of suspected misconduct, illegal acts or failure to act within CATOBI. The aim of this Policy is to encourage employees and others who have serious concerns about any aspect of the CATOBI’s work to come forward and voice those concerns and be rewarded ACCORDINGLY by the chief Executive Officer of CATOBI. In doing this, processes as contained in whistleblowing procedure must be followed in details.


CATOBI NlGERIA ENTERPRISES LJMITED’s ABC Policy is a comprehensive document which establishes CATOBI’s zero tolerance for any form of corruption or illegal behaviour whether direct or indirect, including
• Bribery
• Corruption and Fraud
• Facilitation Payments
• Expenditure in Connection with Public Officials that has not been approved.
• Political Contributions – Contributions to political parties, officials or candidates on CATOBl’s behalf.
The ABC Policy also places a strict obligation on the company to keep accurate books and records that fairly reflect our transactions and disposition of assets in sufficient details to facilitate a full understanding and audit trail. False and misleading entries are prohibited. No payments are to be made on behalf of CATOB! without supporting documents.


CATOBI has set out this anti-money laundering (AML) policy that is applicable to all staff to help prevent and detect potential money laundering or terrorist financing activity. The Company takes a zero-tolerance approach to money laundering, terrorist activity and other such financial crimes.

CATOBI will ensure appropriate policies and procedures are in place to complement this AML policy, In compliance with applicable regulations and monitoring of adherence to those policies will also take place.

All staff are trained in AML processes and procedures for the Company and will actively participate In preventing the services of the Company from being exploited by criminals and terrorists for money laundering or terrorist financing purposes.

The objectives of this and related policies are:

.Ensuring the Company’s compliance with all applicable laws, statutory instruments of regulation, and requirements of the Company’s supervisory body;

-Protecting the Company and its staff as Individuals from the risks associated with breaches of the
Law, regulations and supervisory requirements;

•Preserving the good name of the Company against the risk of reputational damage presented by implication in money laundering and terrorist financing activities;

.Making a positive contribution to the fight against crime and terrorism. In other to achieve these objectives, it is the policy of this Company that;
•Every member of staff shall meet their personal obligations as appropriate to their role and
position in the Company.

•Neither commercial considerations nor a sense of loyalty to clients shall be permitted to take precedence over the Company’s anti-money laundering commitment .

•The Company shall have anti-money laundering procedures outlining the positive actions to be taken by staff during their work, and the Human Resources Manager shall keep these under review to ensure their continuing appropriateness.

Failure to comply with the AML and associated policies could result in disciplinary proceedings which could ultimately lead to dismissal.

Environmental Policy

Catobi is committed to running its business in a responsible, environmentally sound and sustainable manner. We recognise that our supply chain, processes and products have both direct and indirect environmental impacts. We seek to identify these and to find effective ways of eliminating or reducing them. Our aim is to achieve continuous improvement in our environmental performance. Throughout our operations we regard compliance with the law as the minimum standard to be achieved and will put in place additional environmental programmes to go beyond compliance where appropriate.
Environmental Objectives
Our environmental objectives have been chosen, and are regularly reviewed, to ensure that our actions effectively implement our environmental policy; they are:
• To take significant environmental aspects and impacts into account throughout our
operations, maintaining a functioning environmental management system at each each and ever of our activities.
• To ensure that environmental issues are properly assessed and considered when key
decisions are taken about supply chains, processes and operational activities.
• To establish and measure the significant environmental impacts of our operations, set
targets for performance improvements and monitor progress against those targets in areas
including but not limited to energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage / quality and
• To use energy and natural resources wisely and efficiently, eliminate and minimise waste,
and re-use and recycle where practical.
• To make a real and meaningful contribution to mitigating climate change and global water
scarcity, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water impact across the complete
lifecycle of our products and their packaging.
• To engage with our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders on environmental issues,
including the sustainability of our raw and packaging material supply chains.
• To ensure that employees have a level of knowledge and understanding appropriate to
their environmental responsibilities and are aware of actions they can take to reduce the
• To conduct an annual review, including progress against targets, and to make that review
publicly available on demand. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the Board
member with specific responsibility for the Company’s environmental policy and performance.
This responsibility is delegated operationally through the Company’s line management structure.